The titan that defied his creator, his God, Zeus, by creating man in his image out of clay.  And further by stealing fire from the Sun to bring to the human race.  To bring mankind light and warmth.  Thus ensuring our continuation of existence and being.  Without fire and light, all would have been lost for us.  Extinction would’ve been inevitable.

And by doing so he sealed his fate.  He was banished by his father, his God, forever to be chained and bound to a rock.  Naked.  His liver eaten by an eagle every day, only to be regenerated that night to feed the scavenger the next day and continue the horrid cycle of punishment.*

the emblem of Prometheus in the Emblematum liber(Book of Emblems) by the Italian scholar Andrea Alciato. (Sobrius is sober in latin)

the emblem of Prometheus in the Emblematum liber(Book of Emblems) by the Italian scholar Andrea Alciato. (Sobrius is sober in latin)

And now we, the survivors of addiction, we whose livers have been tortured and regenerated, must carry the light to the masses again.  This time to educate.  To shed the light on addiction and the trials that we walked and returned from.  We bare the light to warm and warn humanity of the darkness.

Thus we are Prometheus reborn.  Each of us bound to our rocks, our livers regenerating and our hearts set on giving fire back to the people.

To go further, Marry Shelley subtitled her famous novel Frankenstein “A Modern Prometheus” because Dr. Frankenstein created the life to awaken the monster but did not take into account a soul.  He created a soulless being by not providing it with the “fire” and “light” both common symbols of a human’s soul and spiritual essence, thus creating a monster. A mindless monster void of empathy. A zombie of sorts stitched together from the dead.

Boris Karloff

And here we are today as surviving addicts.  Stitched together.  Trying to recapture that fire and light that we snuffed out.  Trying to become more than the monster that the drugs created.  Trying to become human again. Trying to find our souls and spirit.

But this time there will be no one stealing the fire from the Gods for us.  This time, it will be up to us, the ones who tried to steal the fire for ourselves, the ones that are looked upon as soulless monsters, the ones who fought through the chains that bound us to that rock, to shew away the scavenging birds of death, to stitch our livers back together, it’s our time to take the fire to the people.  After all, we are the “rari nantes in gurgite vasto” VirgilAeneid, I, 118**


*The Greeks believed the soul was found in the liver. (Further metaphor for addiction)

**Translates to “Rare survivors in the immense sea”

This is all a theory or observation if you will that I am still working on.  These were just my beginning thoughts on the parallels.  As many of you from twitter or on here have seen, I have made the comparison to addiction and zombies before, this isn’t a far jump.