"Scars" and Reflection

As I wrote on the websites front page, I have been asked to participate in the upcoming art show "Scars; Ribbons of Truth" and as those that have followed me and my journey know that I have some scars. Some really deep scars. 

Guilt is a scar. 

One that cuts deeper than any knife. And I still carry it around like the sky carries the sun. It fades for a time but inevitably breaks the horizon again. 

All I can do is put on sunglasses and continue on with my life and wait for it to fade again. 

It has reminded me of something I wrote at the beginning of the year. (Had to edit pic because family, don't want to scar them)

This is me.
All of me.
Complete as I am.
No filters or alterations.
I am addiction.
I am hope.
I am alcoholism.
I am recovery.
I am over weight.
I am fatherhood.
I am plaque psoriasis.
I am love.
I am major depression.
I am art.
I am anxiety.
I am life.
I am aged.
I am poetry.
I am flawed.
I am human.
I am bad skin.
I am mistakes.
I am balding.
I am survivor.
I am arthritis.
I am alive.
This is me.
Complete as I am.
No filters or alterations.
I am not ashamed.
-Aaron Lee Perry January 12, 2016