"Making Life My Bitch" or "Tell Life Aaron Lee Sends His Regards"

The old SOBrSOLDIER is still available at Letters from the Wastelands

I originally started writing under the name Letters from the Wastelands and found it fitting to return those writings to their original home. 

I tried but failed to document a day in my life by way of Daily Thought(s) for 365 days,

Life get's extremely fast at times and I now know that I don't have to hide from it. That I am strong enough to face it. That I am good enough to make it through it. "Making Life My Bitch" might be my slogan for 2016. But you do have have to prioritize and conform on a few things sometimes. Especially if you are like me and trying to conquer the world everyday. 

When life gets moving to fast for you it's time to take the foot of the gas a little. It's time to go Matrix on the shit and slow it down in your mind. Meditate. Reflect. The world will continue to zip by at light speed but you control the vehicle in which you travel. The vehicle of your body.  

And at some point in time, life is going to kick you in the nuts. It’s the inevitable truth.

So when it happens just pick yourself back up. Dust yourself off.

And kick life right back in its nuts.

And tell it Aaron Lee sends his regards.