Massive Sale in Here!

My shop slots are full or near to it and I need to move a lot of art. My work space is way to cluttered with originals and prints every where. So much so that I'm not even sure what I have anymore and I'm to the point of having to toss some of this stuff. 

So I am going to post stuff here and share this on my social media sites and if you are interested in anything let me know and we can work out something. 

Everything listed is either originals or prints. I have prices set low so I can move this stuff and hopefully fill someone's home with some cool art. 

Free shipping on everything listed here. (U.S. only)

1. Crow Woman $25 (original-watercolor/mixed media painting) 11x14in. approx.

2. Dog Piano $15 (print) 8x10in.

3. Eyeball Space Traveler (hand pulled linocut print) $15 each (print) 11x14in. approx.

4. Fox Car $15 (print) 8x10in.

5. Giraffe Aeroplane $15 (print) 8x10in.

6. Grenade (hand pulled linocut print) $10 each (print) 8x10in.

7. Monkey Biker (hand pulled screen print) $15 each (print) 9x12in. approx.

8. Over Head w/Lace $25 (original-ink/watercolor/lace painting) 9x12in. *SOLD*

9. Prayers on Fire (hand pulled linocut print) $10 each (print) 8x10in. approx.

10. Rhino Bicycle $20 (original-ink) 8.5x11in. approx. *SOLD*

11. Stormtrooper original $40 (print) 9x12in approx.

12. Tiger Zen framed (hand pulled linocut print) $40 (print) 10x13in. approx.

13. Tongue (hand pulled screen print) $15 each (print) 11x14in.

14. Untitled no22 $50 (original – watercolor painting) 12x12in. approx.

15. Various Linos (hand pulled linocut print) $10 each (print) 8.5x11in.

16. Vintage Scuba (hand pulled linocut print) $15 (print) 11x14in.