Massive Sale in Here!

My shop slots are full or near to it and I need to move a lot of art. My work space is way to cluttered with originals and prints every where. So much so that I'm not even sure what I have anymore and I'm to the point of having to toss some of this stuff. 

So I am going to post stuff here and share this on my social media sites and if you are interested in anything let me know and we can work out something. 

Everything listed is either originals or prints. I have prices set low so I can move this stuff and hopefully fill someone's home with some cool art. 

Free shipping on everything listed here. (U.S. only)

1. Crow Woman $25 (original-watercolor/mixed media painting) 11x14in. approx.

2. Dog Piano $15 (print) 8x10in.

3. Eyeball Space Traveler (hand pulled linocut print) $15 each (print) 11x14in. approx.

4. Fox Car $15 (print) 8x10in.

5. Giraffe Aeroplane $15 (print) 8x10in.

6. Grenade (hand pulled linocut print) $10 each (print) 8x10in.

7. Monkey Biker (hand pulled screen print) $15 each (print) 9x12in. approx.

8. Over Head w/Lace $25 (original-ink/watercolor/lace painting) 9x12in. *SOLD*

9. Prayers on Fire (hand pulled linocut print) $10 each (print) 8x10in. approx.

10. Rhino Bicycle $20 (original-ink) 8.5x11in. approx. *SOLD*

11. Stormtrooper original $40 (print) 9x12in approx.

12. Tiger Zen framed (hand pulled linocut print) $40 (print) 10x13in. approx.

13. Tongue (hand pulled screen print) $15 each (print) 11x14in.

14. Untitled no22 $50 (original – watercolor painting) 12x12in. approx.

15. Various Linos (hand pulled linocut print) $10 each (print) 8.5x11in.

16. Vintage Scuba (hand pulled linocut print) $15 (print) 11x14in.

Dancing with Skeletons

The skeletons in my closet are more like

Old beer cans tied to the bumper of

Some just married couples car.

Clanging loud behind me as I walk

Never letting me forget they are there.

And the faster I run

The louder they bang around.

Chasing me.

Dancing their sickening marionette dance

On the rope I trail behind.

Screaming to the world they belong to me.

I’d cut them free

But they are my children

Bastards of circumstance

Dreams and histories

and they are mine.

Studio and the times ...

Originally posted to my patreon page on 10/25/2016 here

First time attempting to print something anyway near this large. Screen size is 25x36in. 

"Finally got my garage/studio back and now I can finally get to working more!

Trying to paint at my desk in a nook in my living room, has been limiting my production which kind of spun into a work lull and a new kind of depression and anxiety.

Seems strange and might seem kind of whiney but it really put a claustrophobic feeling over me and I guess more specifically my creativity. There's been other major factors that have played into this depression also that I cannot talk about due to other people's request of anonymity so I'm having to hold all of that in, which adds to the claustrophobic and smallness feelings. I will just say cancer, heroin and alcohol SUCK.

I need to get back at it. And considering I just spent a decent chunk of money on some new equipment (printer, materials, etc.) I need your help more than ever to continue pursuing this passion. Thank you to all my patrons and hopefully new patrons to come."

I would love more patrons to help me reach my goals. My patrons win cool free art and stickers and soon will have to opportunity to receive free shirts and other cool stuff. It's easy and we both get something out of it all. 

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Something Wicked This Way Comes: Working With Aaron Lee Perry

A brief intro into the illustrations I did for the wonderfully talented Claire Rudy Foster's book I've Never Done This Before written by Claire herself. 

If you haven't already order your copy now. 

Contact me if you are in need of any freelance illustration work. 

Something Wicked This Way Comes: Working With Aaron Lee Perry

By Claire Rudy Foster


“You know Aaron, right?” my publisher Chris asked me. “I mean, you’re both creative, both sober. I think you’d be a great fit.”

We were talking about formatting my first book, I’ve Never Done This Before. The stories in the collection were dark, gritty, and challenging. Not exactly tales of hope, wonder, and white light experiences. Chris suggested adding illustrations to accompany each other.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Positive,” he said. “Take a look at Aaron’s portfolio. I think you’ll see what I mean when I say that you guys are made for each other.”

I clicked on the link and swiped through Aaron’s website, immediately noticing the strong brushwork and fearlessness in each painting. High contrast images used dark and light to make figures seem like they were floating on a black sea, flickering in and out of focus. A woman in black panties crossed her arms over her chest, her rabbit ears alert. Line portraits assumed depth, detailing the wrinkles in Nabokov’s face. I was impressed. No, I was stunned. Chris was right: this was a perfect fit for my fiction.

A quick phone call with Aaron and Chris made it official. He’d ink seven illustrations for the book, one for each story. We talked through the themes and images in my writing, and as we batted ideas back and forth, I knew that Aaron and I were on the same page.

“I checked out your profile,” he said. “You seem so nice. I had no idea you’d write such fucked-up stories.”

“I get that a lot,” I said.

Over the next few days, my inbox filled with drawings: chinook salmon, swimming in dark water. A typewriter with keys like broken teeth. A girl with eyes that stared all the way through me. Holy shit, I wrote back. Yes, this, more, please.

As I’ve Never Done This Before goes to press, I couldn’t be happier with our collaboration. Aaron’s illustrations ground my fiction in reality, provide something tangible to hold on to. They add beauty to a collection that is difficult, and sometimes painful to read. I can’t say enough good things about Aaron’s innate sense for story, his insane amount of talent, and his fine workmanship. Each of the drawings he made for I’ve Never Done This Before is a masterpiece in itself--haunting, gorgeous.

These pictures really are worth a thousand words. This artist? A million. 



It’s fucking scary how quickly the mind goes right back to addict behavior.

If I get over stressed … “I know what will fix that.”

If I get over tired … “I know what will fix that.”

If I get over anxious … “I know what will fix that.”

If I get worried over bills … “I know what will fix that.”

If I get overwhelmed … “I know what will fix that.”

This addict mind of mine has all the answers.  It’s been programmed for nearly twenty years on how to behave and react.

Take a hit.  Take a drink.  Drop the fuck off the planet.

This addict mind of mine …

… will kill me.

This addict mind of mine …

…is a fucking idiot.

I've Never Done This Before

"I’ve Never Done This Before is a vivid, gritty collection of short stories that investigate the effects of addiction on a diverse cast of characters. From a woman grappling with the end of her marriage to her porn addicted husband, to a retired Hell’s Angel, to a heroin addicted escort getting a second chance at the high life, these stories explore a vast range of experiences, voices, and themes. Author Claire Rudy Foster has created a collection that is moving and raw, a must read for fiction lovers."

With illustrations by Aaron Lee Perry.

- Preorder the Standard Hardback edition HERE

- Preorder the Limited Edition Hardback (Hand Lettered / Signed by the Author / 7 Original Illustrations  / Numbered edition of 60 / Duct Taped) HERE

Preorder eBooks with links below. 

“…evocative and brilliant…

…these aren't alternate realities at all, but pieces of lives I have seen not only in my own recovery, but also in others’ transformations…”





 One of the illustrations by me featured in this book. 

One of the illustrations by me featured in this book. 

"Scars" and Reflection

As I wrote on the websites front page, I have been asked to participate in the upcoming art show "Scars; Ribbons of Truth" and as those that have followed me and my journey know that I have some scars. Some really deep scars. 

Guilt is a scar. 

One that cuts deeper than any knife. And I still carry it around like the sky carries the sun. It fades for a time but inevitably breaks the horizon again. 

All I can do is put on sunglasses and continue on with my life and wait for it to fade again. 

It has reminded me of something I wrote at the beginning of the year. (Had to edit pic because family, don't want to scar them)

This is me.
All of me.
Complete as I am.
No filters or alterations.
I am addiction.
I am hope.
I am alcoholism.
I am recovery.
I am over weight.
I am fatherhood.
I am plaque psoriasis.
I am love.
I am major depression.
I am art.
I am anxiety.
I am life.
I am aged.
I am poetry.
I am flawed.
I am human.
I am bad skin.
I am mistakes.
I am balding.
I am survivor.
I am arthritis.
I am alive.
This is me.
Complete as I am.
No filters or alterations.
I am not ashamed.
-Aaron Lee Perry January 12, 2016


"Making Life My Bitch" or "Tell Life Aaron Lee Sends His Regards"

The old SOBrSOLDIER is still available at Letters from the Wastelands

I originally started writing under the name Letters from the Wastelands and found it fitting to return those writings to their original home. 

I tried but failed to document a day in my life by way of Daily Thought(s) for 365 days,

Life get's extremely fast at times and I now know that I don't have to hide from it. That I am strong enough to face it. That I am good enough to make it through it. "Making Life My Bitch" might be my slogan for 2016. But you do have have to prioritize and conform on a few things sometimes. Especially if you are like me and trying to conquer the world everyday. 

When life gets moving to fast for you it's time to take the foot of the gas a little. It's time to go Matrix on the shit and slow it down in your mind. Meditate. Reflect. The world will continue to zip by at light speed but you control the vehicle in which you travel. The vehicle of your body.  

And at some point in time, life is going to kick you in the nuts. It’s the inevitable truth.

So when it happens just pick yourself back up. Dust yourself off.

And kick life right back in its nuts.

And tell it Aaron Lee sends his regards. 



Push Yourself as Read by @thewastedpoet

Push yourself.


Push youself.

Then push harder.

Walk out onto the edge of your limits. The edge of fear. The edge of thought. Of breaking.

Walk out and stare over the abyss of possibilities. The grand view of everything and discover

the nothing.

The silence.

The void. 

Push yourself.

Then push harder.

Scream out to that

that holds you back. That pulls you down. That weighs you.

Scream out and listen for the echo. The death moan.  And breath in

the nothing.

The silence.

The void. 

Push yourself.

Then push harder.

This is your spiritual awakening.